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Project Genre

(1) The Ayeyarwady River and the Chindwin Basin development
(2) National air-carrier (domestic & international)
(3) Financial consortium & Banking
(4) High-speed train and rail transport
(5) Large scale cement factories
(6) Cyber telecommunication and satellite launching
(7) International airport, space, aeronautical science & aviation
(8) Myanmar Standardization and National Research Laboratory
(9) International super-highway network
(10) Mineral exploration and resources development
(11) Oil and gas exploration, refinery and fertilizer plants
(12) Pharmaceutical and house-hold goods
(13) Gold and platinum exploration, mining and construction of processing plants
(14) Large scale hydro-electric power generation & GEO-thermal Energy and distribution
(15) Waste recycling and environmental conservation
(16) International maritime trading and deep-sea port
(17) Hotel and tourism industry
(18) Agriculture and foodstuff industry
(19) Educational Foundation
(20) Oversea Humanitarian Infrastructure Projects

Capital USD 720 Billion

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Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd.


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