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The project encompasses river dredging, widening and deepening of the Ayeyarwady River. The project is intended to improve the navigability of the river and seaports for smooth inland water transportation by installing sluice gates in rivers.

The Ayeyarwady River: the Ayeyarwady River, flowing from north to south through Burma (Myanmar), is 2170 km (1,348mile) long. Originating from the far north, it flows relatively straight to south serving as the largest river and most important commercial waterway. With so many distributes through the Ayeyarwady Delta, it finally discharges into the Andaman Sea. Its irrigated area is about 413,000km2, which covers a large part of Myanmar.

Among other major rivers, the Sittaung River can be used for transportation by motorboats; the Thanlwin, due to its strong current, is navigable for less than 160km from the sea; small steamers and country boats can go round Rakkhine and Tanintharyi coasts; along the Chindwin River, steam or diesel vessels can cruise throughout the year up to Homlin, about 640 km from its confluence with the Ayeyarwady. Seasonal navigation is possible until Tamanthi, which is 57 mile (92 km) by river above Homalin.

The above-mentioned waterways are now said to be out of shape making the passage of medium-to-large size vessels significantly difficult. Some sort of river training and maintenance are badly needed. The Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd. has a plan to dredge along the watercourse of the Ayeyarwady, put the excavated sand into use of other sites, build new jetties and do landscaping at the port cities.

The proposed dredging of the Ayeyarwady River includes 5 main sections:-

(1) Delta (from Open-Sea to Hinthada) up to Hinthada, facilitating 8000 dwt ships to navigate all year round.

(2) Hinthada to Pyay, facilitating 5000 dwt ships to navigate all year round.

(3) Pyay to Mandalay so that 2000 dwt ships can be navigated all year round.

(4) Mandalay to Bhamo so that 1000 dwt ships can be navigated all year round.

(5) Bhamo to Myitkyina, which could make possible for 100 dwt ships to navigate throughout the year.
The cost is estimated to be about 50 billion USD and the project can be carried out phase by phase within 20 years.

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