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  1. Invitation to Invest in Diesel Importing to Myanmar, Production and Trading of Marine Products
  2. Master Project Proposal near Myeik-Dawei Coastal Area, Myanmar
  3. The Myanmar Maritime Museum Project
  4. To Purchase Logs from Myanmar Timber Enterprise and Forest Products Joint Ventures Corporation Limited.

Invitation to Invest in Diesel Importing to Myanmar, Production and Trading of Marine Products


Please be informed that there are so many Business opportunities in Myanmar such as, Industrial zones Development, Constructions, High way roads Development, Maintenance, Export of Agro products, Timber and Forest products, Marine products etc. At present we are dealing, with Importing Diesel oil from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Brunei, UAE, Russia and Middle East to MYANMAR.

Hence we sincerely request you to invest your money in one of the projects as mentioned below. We also would like to request you to contact us for your benefit and we are looking forward to doing Business with you..

Company Profile and Project

Name : Mr. Ba Thein
Country of Origin : Myanmar
Occupation : Business man
Designation : Managing Director
Name of Company : Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd.
Company Address : 17(A), 148th Street, Kyauk Myaung, Tarmwe Township, Yangon, Union of Myanmar.
Telephone : 95-1-295074, 95-9 516 9807
Fax : 951-294966
Web site :

If you are interested in supplying diesel oil some amount of 40,000 metric tons to 60,000 metric tons, once in 2/3 months, you can feel free to invest any time would you like to invest in it you can start to get chance and we are ready to assist you as local representative or business cooperation partnership.

Project 1

Investment for 20,000 metric tons of diesel oil (Estimated cost)
(1) Singapore Market Price round about US$ 70/ barrel.
(2) Singapore Market Price round about US$ 525 / metric ton.
(3) For 20,000 Metric tons it will cost US$ 10,500,000 (US$ Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only).
(4) Freight Charges about 3 US$ / barrel (as we call "Premium").
Tender System, after we got permission
(1) Tender dead line within one week. Tender form is invited by Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise by advertising in news paper in English Version.
(2) Tender voted freight charges minimum price.
(3) Contract will be signed in the above department. After signing the contract you have to submit the
"Shipment schedule".

Shipment Schedule


(1) Thanlyin Yangon, 12,000 metric tons to 18,000 metric tons to be unloaded to Thanlyin Jetty once in 6250 metric tons According to jetty maximum capacity.

Please arrange for one Shipment within 7 days.
If you use 4000 tons vessel it will Take 3 to 5 times.
If you use 6000 tons vessel it will take Take 2 to 3 times.

(2) Thantwe Rakhine State, west coast of Myanmar, 2000 metric tons to 6000 metric tons vessels per batch.

(3) Myeik Tanintharyi, lower coast of Myanmar, 1000 metric tons to 3000 metric tons vessel per batch.

(4) Hainggyi Ayerwaddi Division, South West of Myanmar, 2000 metric tons to 3000 metric tons vessel per batch.

LC Transfer
After shipment it will be inspected by "SGS" or "MPTIC" or "QS" surveyor and then according to MPE tank receipt result we will be permitted to LC release through Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank and Myanmar Investment and Commercial Bank to your account.

Project 2

Production and Trading of Marine Products

(1) Estimation of Processing Plant & Cold Storage (500 MT) US$ 600,000
(2) Raw & Finished Products for exporting trading US$ 600,000
(3) Importing Trading US$ 600,000
(4) Land & Building Construction charges US$ 200,000
Total Investment US$ 2,000,000

Machinery List & Procedure

(1) Contact Freezer & Trays (2) Nos
(2) Air Blast Freezer (1) Nos
(3) Chill Water System
(4) Flake Ice Machine
(5) Water Treatment System for processing Water
(6) Compressor (3) Nos
(7) Generator Set (2) Nos
(8) Transformer
(9) Processing Equipment & Facilities

Your response is very much appreciated.

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Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd.


#17(A), 148th Street, Kyauk Myaung, Tamwe Township, 
Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma).

Tel: (+95-1) 295074, H.P: (+95-9) 5169807, Fax: (+95-1) 294966



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