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The population of Myanmar is 55 millions all of whom dwell through thick and thin on a massive area measured 670,522 square miles. There are wide range of forest, rivers and lakes all over the country.

There are 38 domestic airports and 3 international airports but Boeing 787 cannot land here in Myanmar. Therefore we intend to extend the existing airport, make renovation where necessary, and to extend our national carrier project. We also aim to extend the domestic airline by replacing it with small jet plane and Embraer-190 that can accommodate 55 to 100 passengers.

Twenty A -320 planes will be purchased for passenger as well as cargo service.

Helicopter service will also be provided for short distance and to places unaccessible by other means.


Our construction development project require 2 million bags of cement per month, Natural resources such as natural gas, clay, limestone, gypsum and ironstone are much prevalent in the mountainous parts of our country.

On the basis of that favourable condition, we will build large cement factories capable of producing 120,000-150,000 tons per days. At least 5 factories will be constructed. By constructing these cement factories, construction work shall be well-facilitated and many more jobs will be created. Underground natural resources will be exposed for the benefit of our nation and Asia.

Having built more cement factories, we will produce precast slabs from which bridge frames, flooring, railroads are made.

Need for Infrastructure Development and Humanitarian Projects in Myanmar

With a vast expanse of land in different forms of geographical structure and geological formation, Myanmar is known to be rich in natural resources. Himalayan and Tibetan mountain ranges stretch down to Myanmar Sea generously supplying us with plentiful rivers, abundant fertile soil, and numerous species of plants from desert trees to icy mountain types. According to the advantage of climate and elevation, varieties of crops grow vigorously in Myanmar.

Seventy-five percent of Myanmar is covered with forest and age-old folded and drifted earth mass that favours the formation of organic layers under which petroleum, gas and coal are heavily deposited.

Endowed with different resources, Myanmar has a thriving chance to create employment opportunity by implementing massive projects and at the same time a great deal of technical knowhow and expertise from abroad will be pooled.

On the other hand, Myanmar needs to be prepared for preventing or mitigating the effect of natural hazards like Cyclone Nargis, and earthquakes.

Myanmar Immortal Co. Ltd is firmly determined to invest 100 percent for the good of the whole Myanmar and Asian countries as well, standing decisively on the base of “non-profit” and “humanitarianism”.

The total investment for various projects is 720 billion USD, the largest project-investment in the world.


The Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd. is a strong and reliable partner and it will, after your deliberation and permission, enhance the capability of Central Bank and Reserve Bank by reinforcing them with its “huge capital” and expertise.

Through the magnificent co-operation, the state currency will become stable, earn international trust, and find a room in the world market. In this fashion, the country would be able to stay away from recession and depression.

The sole intention of our whole-hearted offer (participation) is to underpin and promote the existing situation of the banks associated with Central and Reserve Banks.

As a result, the bank instruments will be upgraded, asset and equity will proliferate, and insurance more trusted. On the one hand, it will generate higher production, more investments and a wider market. Commodity-price fluctuation rate will drop and citizens will have more chance to properly adjust their income and expenditure ratio. Moreover, more customers will join and the banks will benefit from the surplus or savings.

Our offer came off through our serious and deep thinking about stability, development, security and a healthy and happy life in the 21st century.

Our “huge capital” investment is “not on loan” but a partnership. We are just offering a “T” program with 15 years’ tenure.

We sincerely offer this program, more for the global stability, security and general development, rather than benefit only. We would like to see the whole world up-and-coming.

We expect our philosophy may bring peace and prosperity to your country.


Rail road transportation began in Myanmar in 1910. We intend to construct 1.5 meter tracks for high speed diesel trains in Myanmar. Existing data summarize as follow:

Total Railway Length - 14702 miles
Total Bridge - 487 Nos
Total Railways Station - 540

Geographically, it is rather difficult to extend railway construction work in Myanmar; nevertheless, among large cities high speed rail road should be built for passengers’ convenience.

Sky express way, bridges and other kinds of earthwork are to be reconstructed where necessary. This rail road will be connected with neighbouring countries such as China, India, Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh, each of which will lead to respective country’s market. This way, international trade could be accessed through China and India.

About 55 million people have to rely solely on rail road transportation because it is a cheap way to travel and transport varieties of goods.


In these days 3 G telecommunication is the best service for mankind. A handset can be used as a computer. Out of 55 million population, 2 million people would be able to use this 3 G GSM mobile phone.

A lot more TV channels have to be installed in order to use satellite information. Arrangement wll also be made to launch satellites into space that will promote education programme, economic sector and international communication. Through satellites a person’s economy can be controlled, inspected and the government can telecommunicate and obtain helpful information.

It is a low-cost affordable communication.
The main projects are:

(a) Myanmar Com Satellite Project
(b) GSM Communication Project
(c) Globalization and Cyber Network Communication Project
(d) Satellite Launching Project
(e) International Airport construction, space, aeronautical science & aviation development project

There is no international airfield for Air Bus 787 to land in Myanmar and accordingly no facility for Air Bus 787 jets. Rich natural resources and geographic scenic beauty can boost tourism in Myanmar. Like our neighbouring country Thailand, Myanmar can also attract 20 million tourists annually.

We intend to construct 48 international airports and 28 domestic airports and ground controlling system. After that, hotel and tourism can gain quick momentum.


Our satellites in space

Man has been utilizing land and sea (ocean) for his benefit. They are not the limit for him and today people are using space. Since the very first USSR satellite “SPUTNIK” was launched in 1957, thousands of multi-purpose satellites have been put into space from the Earth on different missions – military, scientific and commercial.

The space race that began between the United States and USSR is now joined by the EU, Japan, China and India.

Use of Satellites

The primary purpose of launching satellites is to conduct military and scientific research but later their functions could be extended to the following areas:

(a) Satellite telephony
(b) Satellite communication
(c) Information and communication technology
(d) Access to health
(e) e-Government
(f) Satellite education (weather forecasting, topographic features and changes, forecasting of volcanic eruptions and tsunami, agriculture and forestry, geological research)


In the world market, there are five major satellite manufacturers:

(a) Lockheed Martin Commercial Space System (LMCSS), USA
(b) Boeing Satellite System (BSS), USA
(c) Space System/ Loral (SS/L), USA

Other manufactures are:-

(a) Orbital Science Corporation (OSC), USA
(b) Alenia Spazio, Italy
(c) Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), JAPAN
(d) The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), INDIA

Classification of Satellites

Satellites are broadly classified on the basis of weight:-

(a) Small (500 kg to 1000 kg)
(b) Large (4000 kg and above)

Classification of Orbit

Satellites orbit generally at three levels:

(a) Low Earth Orbit (LEO) – 60 to 300 miles from the Earth
(b) Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) – 300 to 22300 miles from the Earth
(c) Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) – 22300 to 60000 miles from the Earth
(d) High Earth Orbit (HEO) – above 60000 miles from the Earth

Service Life of Satellites

Depending on the capacity of battery, a satellite can work properly for 10 to 15 years. Yet American satellites are recorded to have been serving up to 25 years.


The cost of an average satellite ranges from US$ 280 to 350 million including construction, launch fee and insurance. There may be more cost according to the number of transponders which vary depending on the function of satellites. A small-scale satellite can carry 8 to 10 transponders while the large ones are usually equipped with 100 transponders. A transponder may cost US$ 2 to 6 millions.


It has been over half century since the first satellite was launched. Even some ASEAN countries could successfully launce about 4 satellites in the past 10 years. It is high time for Myanmar to wake up from merely cheering them up. We should start our initial step to chase them now. Otherwise, we will be left far behind.

To improve communication sector and raise living standard of developing and under-developed countries in Asia, the Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd. has plans to launch satellites in space. We have arranged to launch two satellites at LEO, two at MEO, and one at GEO and HEO each, with an overall investment of 3.6 billion US$ for this satellite programme. Satellite technology is, without doubt, one of the greatest achievements of human ingenuity. We should participate in this massive space business very soon.

Through these satellites, telecommunication, cyber network, geological survey, accurate weather forecast, agricultural and research experiments can be carried out at cost- effective rate. French and Germany made satellites are given priority.

Thus the fruit of this program can be shared equally among Asian countries to keep abreast with others at comparatively low cost in this media age.

Everybody in the satellite industry knows handheld satellite telephone and global connectivity. Technology and applications are interlinked to perform telecommunication, space service, broadcasting, internet and e-commerce and to bring voice mobility to planet devoid of global roaming and reliable network. So a massive and systematic investment is absolutely needed for a comprehensive technology program over Asia countries and our motherland.


It is estimated that about 30432 km of international express high way are to be constructed. About 2700km pass through Myanmar including construction a number of bridges.

As the Highway must be constructed over and through mountain ranges, ridges, hills, rivers and streams, river crossing bridges and sky express ways will be unavoidable. Rivers and streams are plentiful; rain fall is heavy; temperature is high. All this means that construction of highway will be rather difficult and costly.

Due to regional difference and changes in topographic and geographical conditions, it might cost 3.5 million USD for 1 km.

On the other hand, by constructing this Highway, we can create the shortest communication line from Myanmar to our neighbouring countries – China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

Trading, social and cultural relation will be promoted and easier. Consequently, general standard of living among these countries will simultaneously become higher ever than before.

Anyway, it will be economically beneficial and advantageous for the investors.


For implementing infrastructure projects, mining, melting, moulding, foundry and related finished materials are the main requirement.

If the essential requirements are available domestically, associated factories and our aimed projects will definitely be developed quickly.

As Myanmar is naturally rich in different kinds of minerals and resources which are useful for projects, long term commercial production can be carried out.

By the aids of technology and mining, moulding, foundry and processing plants, required items can be produced saving a lot of production and processing cost.

So the financier and bank instruments are strongly guaranteed for profit.

Different kinds of minerals for industrial use and general use in science have been found in large scale along the ranges in Myanmar.

Apart from those, valuable gems like ruby, sapphire and jade are also found in many ranges.

So, exploration and processing of minerals and gems in Myanmar is well worth investing and investors are fully guaranteed indeed.


Geologically, Myanmar is supposed to be standing on aged folded mountain. About the centre of those aged and folded mountains and behind the drifted blocks of the layers lie rocks and fossils, gradually transformed from dense forests. Due to series of great changes and long process of forming into rocks and fossils, there exit oil, gas and coal in large volume.

As a consequence of the emergence of the whole Himalaya Ranges, originally folded and drifted under-ground, oil and gas are formed under the whole Indian Ocean’s bed, covering 676,552 sq-km inside Myanmar boundary.

Some folk people of Myanmar had been using that naturally gifted oil for thousands of years. In some places, oil production is as easy as fetching water from a well (using no special method). But due to lack of technology, it can only be used in a small scale. For instance, a great deal of profit was made by the British Oil Corporation, BOC.

The Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to use its huge capital, machinery and expertise pooled from local and international industry. We hope to continue negotiation for successful implementation.


Neighbouring with over-populated India, Myanmar has a good potential market for medicines, commonly used and low-priced.

Medicines for curing and preventing malaria, T.B, cholera and AIDS are really in crying needs.
Myanmar has only 3 pharmaceutical factories which can produce only 1/30 of the country’s demand. So to cover this demand, many kinds of medicines have to be imported.

Medicinal plants and creepers, of which roots, buds and flowers are all medicinal, naturally grow all over the country. This situation encourages foreign investors to put in their money in pharmaceutical factories.

Along with the pharmaceutical factories, industrial units for household goods will also be needed to meet the future standard of living. These fruitful results will come out after completion of our infrastructure projects.

This project will definitely make an obvious rise in people’s income and in parallel consumption will grow up.


As the world-famous name for Myanmar “the Golden Land” implies, alluvial and primary gold can be found everywhere, especially in streams rivers and hills mountains.

In some places, gold is associated with bronze and silver by 50 to 4000 ppm. In hilly regions, 5 to 100 ppm gold is found in streams and rivers.

If properly refined, gold production rate can reach 5000 ounces per day.

Other than Gold, the existence of Aluminum, Antimony, Bronze, Silver and Zinc can also be expected.
Gold is the most reliable guarantee in financial world.

At present, only primitive and traditional methods are in use for gold production in Myanmar.

So the Myanmar Immortal Trading Co., Ltd. intends to improve the situation of gold production and processing in large scale by using modern methods and investing in German and Australian machines which will make the country quite beneficial.


Over half of Myanmar’s terrain is hilly with high ranges tracking north to south, 4000 ft- 7000 ft above mean sea level.

These ranges, serving as good natural retaining walls, make water flow rate strong enough to build hydro-power stations.

As hydro-power spots locate fairly near China, India, Thai and Laos, surplus electrical power out of domestic use can be shared to the neighbours.

At present, over seven sites for hydro-power plants are already surveyed on the Than Lwin River. This project should be given priority.

Electrical cables currently used are very old causing a lot of power drop. Electrical storage units and transformers are also not in adequate numbers. This situation demands renovation of high tension cables, more storage points and transformers.

When these electrical power projects are set up, upgrading of the railway transportation can also be considered.


Used house hold materials, wastes and trashes are a great hindrance to urban development.
Being a danger to the environment and a source to deceases, these useless things should be transformed into “humanitarian products”.

Through recycling and treat ment plants, these dangerous things can be turned into gas, strong spirits, fuel, oil, glasses, celluloid, tar and ash cement at the last stage.


Myanmar covers a coastal length of over 1760 miles along north-eastern part of Indian Ocean.

Compared to others, Myanmar seas are generally calm and extra ordinarily rich in natural resources, i.e. oil, gas and other minerals.

Different species of fishes and world’s favourite lobsters are abundant in these seas.

So, Sea transportation business, sea food business and energy production business from sea bed are sure to make big money.

Moreover, sea transportation is the only shortest way to the heartlands of our neighbours –China, India, Laos and Thailand.

For this season, trading, imports and exports demand a lot of container ships; consequently, modern slipways are needed for ship repairing.

Besides the calm and rich seas, our country is situated in tsunami and volcanic eruption free zone. Having adjacent boarders to developing countries, our coasts are suitable for harbor construction.

So safety is hundred percent assured for the projects from natural disasters.

These naturally gifted situations favor a sure shot to gain most profit and development in the concerned areas.

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